Reciprocal System of Physics: A New Way to Look an Old Universe

Physicist Bruce Peret and Gopi Vijaya discuss how science has been working on assumed premises that have been around for hundreds of years.

Host: Anne Nicholson
Presenters: Physicists Bruce Peret, PhD & Gopi Vijaya, PhD

Physicist Bruce Peret and Gopi Vijaya will provide the following as a basis for understanding a new way of looking at an old Universe:

  • A new way of looking at physics: a universe of “Change” and “Processes” instead of a universe of “Stuff”.
  • Reality of reciprocal processes; pushes and pulls, contractions and expansions.
  • Physics without specialized compartments, but rather as a coherent whole.
  • Recognizing inverted physical processes as the reciprocals of commonly known processes.
  • Choosing the right reference, to balance it via the reciprocal system.
  • Reciprocal System as an independent development of Goethean science.
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