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Mar 20 - 21 2020

The IRON NECESSITY of Our Technological Age - 3 Lecture Series



These Lectures were given on March 20 thru the 21st, 2020. One may purchase all three recorded webinars to view here: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE


Steiner used the words “iron necessity” when discussing an apparent dire future. We will explore changes coming to our lives by technology and the activity of various spiritual beings. Along with the usual suspects Ahriman and Michael, we’ll explore the role of the elementals, the Vulcans, and others. Drawing from the depths of Occult Science, Andrew will explain how Steiner foresaw our future. In the workshop we will explore the cosmic role for our Ahrimanic double and find counter-balances for a healthy social life.

Friday Lecture March 20, 2020, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. (Central Time)

1. The Iron Necessity of Our Technological Age

In this lecture, Andrew Linnell will focus on Steiner’s descriptions of past planetary conditions and their recapitulations to form a surprising view of mankind’s future with machines.

"That which must be acquired by mankind — freedom of the will — can be acquired only during Earth-evolution. In the Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan stages men will need this freedom of will." -The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, lecture 5, Oct. 18, 1915, GA 254

Rudolf Steiner’s words might sound like transhumanism:

"...the welding together of Mankind with Machines will be a great and important problem for the rest of the earth-evolution." - The Wrong and Right Use of Esoteric Knowledge, Lecture 3, Nov. 25, 1917

"As earth evolution progresses, human beings will be less and less able to develop their souls parallel to their bodies. Why, then, should it not be possible for an individual to incarnate in a body, the whole constitution of which destines it for evil? The individual can still be good inside such a body, for the connection with the physical has become less close." -The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, lecture 5, Oct. 7, 1917, GA 177

"Only those human beings, however, in whom are incarnated human souls that have developed in a manner possible through the influences of the Greco-Latin and the subsequent 5th, 6th, and 7th Cultural Ages of evolution will be able to cope with the future earth conditions." -Outline of Occult Science

Saturday March 21, 2020, Two Lectures

In these Lectures, Andrew Linnell will elaborate on Steiner’s surprising view of mankind’s future with machines.  As time permits, we can examine things we can do now to deal with the impacts of technology (EMR/5G, addiction, virtual reality, AI) both in our daily lives as individuals, as families, and as groups striving to nudge the development of new technologies in a healthy threefold direction.

2. The Human Double and Its Future: 9:30 - 10:30 am, (Central Time)

3. The Three Occultism's, State of MysTech, Social MysTech: 1 – 2 pm, (Central Time)


About the Speaker

Andrew Linnell






Andrew Linnell

is a 40-year veteran of the computer industry. Andrew has an MSE degree from the Univ. of Michigan and is a co-founder of MysTech which is devoted to the cultivation of a mechanical occultism that operates only through moral impulses. He has been an active member of the Anthroposophical Society and currently serves as president of the Greater Boston Branch. He has offered lectures that have covered various topics from Quantum Physics to Dangers Arising from Nanotechnology to Christian Mysticism. He is author of two children’s book and The Hidden Heretic of the Renaissance: Leonardo.



  • Andrew Linnell

    Andrew is president of the Boston branch and co-founder of MysTech, an organization devoted to the moral melding of man and machine. He is a veteran of the computer industry and a long-time member of the School for Spiritual Science and the Natural Science section.


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Rudolf Steiner Branch - Chicago


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