Reciprocal System of Physics

A New Way to Look at an
Old Universe:


Physicists Bruce Peret & Gopi Vijaya

Sunday June 30th, 5:00pm PT (8:00pm ET)

A New Way to Look at an Old Universe

     When we look all around us, we see with our eyes and our other senses everything in motion and we extrapolate from this that the universe consists of “things that move”. Modern day Physics dictates that movement of atoms keep all of what we physically experience in a constant state of change. But what if modern day physics has it wrong? What if what we call “things” isn’t all that different from “movement”? Would a new way of understanding “Motion” change the way we perceive the Universe, science as we know it and perhaps even ourselves?

     Please join Physicists Bruce Peret and Gopi Vijaya as they discuss how science is working on a premise that has been assumed for hundreds of years and will provide the following as a basis for understanding a new way of looking at an old Universe.

  • Abstract change in multiple dimensions.
  • A new way of looking at physics: a universe of “Change” and “Processes” instead of a universe of “Stuff”.
  • Reality of reciprocal processes; pushes and pulls, contractions and expansions.
  • Physics without specialized compartments, but rather as a coherent whole.
  • Recognizing inverted physical processes as the reciprocals of commonly known processes.
  • Choosing the right reference, to balance it via the reciprocal system.
  • Reciprocal System as an independent development of Goethean science.

Download Papers Now by Gopi Vijaya, PhD.

Space, Time and Force

Goethean Science and the Reciprocal System

Preparing for the Reciprocal System

Meet the Speakers

Bruce Peret, PhD

Physicist Bruce Peret has a comprehensive background in computer science and electrical engineering. He has worked for several MNC’s over the span of twenty years, such as Digital Equipment Corporations, Pratt & Whitney, and Fingerhut. Being a builder of computers, troubleshooter and software programmer from his days at college, Bruce has studied the development of computer technology from the ground up. From 1991, he has been involved in the research and teaching of the Reciprocal System of theory developed by Dewey Larson. He has written several original papers in Reciprocity, the quarterly technical Journal of the ISUS, on the importance of polar Euclidean geometry and has, in association with Prof. KVK Nehru, completely reevaluated the theory as “RS2,” and his rewrite of Maxwell’s approach to electrical engineering has revived the use of the long-dormant quaternion mathematics. He has also been instrumental in simulating the details of the theory using computer imaging techniques. He is currently a full time researcher of the Reciprocal System, focusing on the foundations of electrical theory.

Gopi Vijaya, PhD

Physicist Gopi Krishna Vijaya is from Bangalore, India. He has completed his undergraduate physics training from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India), and his PhD in Physics (Solar Energy) from the University of Houston in 2014. He is currently engaged in the Postdoctoral Research of the Reciprocal System of Physics – a way to inculcate Goethean thought into modern physics – in Salt Lake City, USA.

His work spans several subjects and is mainly focused on their connection to spiritual science. In the natural scientific domain, he has been the author of 13 journal publications in experimental and theoretical semiconductor physics, presented his work in multiple international conferences (IEEEPVSC, SPIE etc.), and served as a research mentor for a number of graduate and undergraduate students.


Host: Anne Nicholson

Anne Nicholson is the Program Director at CFAE. She is an  Anthropologist  and an Educator of Embodied Mindfulness and Experiential Learning. Her 20-year career has been in Technology and Communications. She is living and working in Silicon Valley.

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