The Binary System Theory of Tycho Brahe

Towards a Phenomenological Astronomy

Sunday, November 10th

5:30pm PST (8:30 EST)

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The Binary System Theory of Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer (1546-1601) paid close attention to uniform circular orbits, which his assistant Kepler, with philosophical differences, rejected. However, it has recently been discovered that giving Earth its own circular uniform orbit in space not only solves many riddles and poorly understood areas of astronomy, it also reconciles Tycho Brahe’s original suppositions and suggests that we are living in a binary star system — which Tycho would not have been aware was possible back in his day.

Simon Shack, the researcher and author of the book “The TYCHOS: Our Geoaxial Binary System”, has been poring over empirical data collected over thousands of years by various cultures around the world, including the latest data in the celebrated astronomy of the Western world. Much of this data has been instrumental in supporting the semi-empirical pseudoheliocentric model we are all taught in school. However, the overall data supports a much more common system in the observable universe: Earth may be near the center of a Sun-Mars binary system.

Please join us and our guest speaker Maxeem Konrardy as he reveals the newest developments by the astronomer Simon Shack, who compares two semi-empirical solar systems for Earth’s local place in space, and how the models relate and diverge. With the following questions and answers:

Are we ignoring critical data about our solar system?

Does that data indicate Earth is in a binary system?

What does TYCHOS binary system indicate about our world?


Maxeem Konrardy

Max Konrardy is an editor of “The TYCHOS: Our Geoaxial Binary System” (2018) written by Simon Shack and has worked closely with Simon on research and computer modeling of the Tycho System. Max  is an artist, editor and independent researcher living in Flagstaff, Arizona, the first International Dark Sky City.


Anne Nicholson

Anne Nicholson is the Program Director at CFAE. She is an  Anthropologist  and an Educator of Embodied Mindfulness and Experiential Learning. Her 20-year career has been in Technology and Communications. She is living and working in Silicon Valley.


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