Cultivating New Collaborative Relationships to Rise from a Death Economy to a Life Economy

The social-economic threshold we currently face is unique. So is the collaboration between the Center for Anthroposophical Endeavors (CFAE), and Threefold Dynamics Inc. (TDI). What we have in common is a vision of a new associative economy that supports cultural freedom, equal rights and collaborative economics – without which, our rights and freedoms may be in jeopardy. TDI is a new beneficial corporation formed with associative economic threefold distinctions between the company vision, the rights to manage, and ownership. The Money, Courage, and Empathy program is designed and facilitated by collaborators through TDI.

Contribute to the Economic Change that is Being Asked of Us

Your Contribution means the World to Us!

Thanks to the collaboration with CFAE, you’re able to contribute to the associative economic educational programs of Threefold Dynamics Inc. and receive a tax deduction. Contributions will make it possible for more programs to be offered to a wider variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds and financial abilities.

Now more than ever, we need to think beyond the parameters of the traditional economic images imparted to us from a tender young age. A few of these images, still being taught today in public and private high schools across the U.S. include: 

An invitation: Three Ways to Contribute  

Financial Gifts, Purchases or Loans all contribute to Seeds Planted for the Future

Many sacrifices have already been made to make the Money, Courage, and Empathy program possible. More programs await development that we believe are unique as an antidote give us the awareness to arise from a Death Economy to a Life Economy. We know if enough people shift their attention, change will come.

  1. Gift: To Make a financial gift contribution, Use the Donate Button below or send a check to: CFAE, P.O. Box 251, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
    Important: Make sure you designate on the check: Threefold Dynamics Inc. Financial Literacy Programs.
  2. Loan: Inquire about Becoming a Supporting Member-Owner
  3. Purchase: Join the Money, Courage and Empathy Program:

Believing people need each other to discern the most potent next steps in each of their lives, initiatives and destiny situations, in a spirit of mutual support we invite all who yearn to live from a healthy econonimc paradigm to come explore, share challenges and learn from one another in the Money, Courage and Empathy program. Together, we can help each other overcome ‘untrue’ thinking and gain strength from a shared intention to integrate and implement new associative economic practices in our financial transactions.

The meetings  are designed so that we’ll be able to bring our questions, challenges and contributions to one another as we discern best steps and practices in a variety of diverse initiatives and circumstances. Together we’ll explore what is ‘working’ and what is ‘needed’.

Arthur Edwards will share his keen observations insights from concepts, to contracts, to cash flow.

Lorene Allen will bring her social gifts and skills to support us to engage with each other and our working partners in empathetic-altruistic economic exchange meetings.

Jane Johnson and Vivianne will facilitate processes to discern what our individual, business or geographical ‘star’ is asking of us in these challenging times.

For More Information:

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More About the Facilitators of Money-Courage-Empathy

Jane currently champions women in business in Hawaii in various fields: a bakery, a kindergarten, and a center for living and dying. Vivianne is a founder member of Threefold Dynamics Inc. She’s currently in conversation with her local city council members to create a shared local economy with community owned tools and electric vehicles that people in her area can rent (or borrow) at an affordable rate. She would like to see the endeavor run in conjunction with newly graduated high school students graduated mentored by retired entrepreneurs who are plentiful in the area. Arthur administers an independently-run Camphill therapy center. Lorene holds regular ongoing non-violent communication support circles where empathy is cultivated.