At the core of CFAE’s mission is the education of the whole human being through genuine observation and reverence of truth and beauty in all things.

In our Realignment Series, we approach the old and new subject matter with fresh eyes leaving past assumptions aside and recognizing that through a renewed sense of observation can the truth of a subject truly reveal itself.

Local Commons

Healthy Communities, Thriving Businesses



Local Commons aims are to support the regrowth of local businesses back into our communities and foster stronger connections between the business and cultural organizations.


Its aims are to:

  • Create an environment that fosters small business creation & growth.
  • Create strong alliances between businesses and cultural/nonprofit organizations.
  • Facilitate investments back into people.
  • Develop clear distinctions between the needs of Society and those of the Economy and Rights.
  • Create a duplicatable business model that allows for society to live to work rather than work to live.



Education | Publications

Our mission is education in Science & Technology, it is the focus of all that we do here at MysTech. We offer:

    • MysTech Live Stream Study Courses
    • MysTech Social Network
    • MysTech Journal
    • MysTech Webinars & Lectures

Social Network

Social MysTech is a new addition to MysTech that provides an FB like social environment that is both secure and private, where you can be free to be yourself while discussing the topic of science and technology with peers, groups or other organizations.

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Membership is a way for one to be reciprocally engaged with MysTech on a yearly bases in building up grant funding, and most needed support while receiving wonderful benefits in return.

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Rudolf Steiner Bookstore

Online Bookstore

Providing Literature for the Whole Human Being.

We Also Offer:

  • Virtual Bookstores for Adult Training Courses.
  • Virtual Storefront for Waldorf Schools
  • Free Resources
  • Membership Benefits

Donate Your Books

Donating your unwanted books is a great way to support CFAE and the Rudolf Steiner Bookstore.

More than this, it helps many others afford books that may be too expensive for them to purchase, such as Teachers, Parents, and Students of all ages.

InSchool Store Program

The InSchool Store Program is designed for Waldorf Schools who would like to offer quality products to their Parent Community without upfront costs and requiring very little resources from the school.

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