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With Nicanor Perlas and Gopi Vijaya


June 8 & 9 at the Eastside Community School, Bellevue, WA

Post-Materialist Science

Its Role in Revealing the True Nature of Being Human in
the Era of Artificial Super Intelligence

Are we more than the sum of what materialistic science can reveal of ourselves or are we nothing more than the sum of what we’ve created in technology? This is the real war that wages against humanity, and inside each of us is the battlefield!

It may not seem like science and technology are much to worry about, especially when we’re led to believe the biggest issues are environmental, political and economic in scope. But could it be that the ease with which technology is making our lives more livable and convenient and perhaps bearable, is the Trojan horse that is being willingly accepted and adapted by us under the radar of all the distractions of external unrest?

At what point could we admit that we have brought science and technology beyond our control? And if it did get that far would it be too late for us to do anything about it?

Is there something we can do now that could correct technology’s current trajectory and trim its course so that it aligns more with human values and priorities rather than fulfilling its widely predicted dissolution of humanity?

Join Nicanor Perlas, advisor, global civil society activist, speaker and author of Humanity’s Last Stand, as he speaks to these burning questions along with Gopi Vijaya, physicist, researcher and lecturer as they together explore were we are, where it’s all going and how we can all, right now, work to make a different outcome than the one widely predicted for ourselves.

Meet the Speakers

Nicanor Perlas

Gopi Vijaya

Why you can´t miss this...

  • Distrust in knowing anything more than what we can see.
  • The abandonment of a tens of thousands of years of evolution in Consciousness for a few hundred years of modern day Thinking.
  • Materialistic science and technologies control of the narrative.
  • The ease and comfort of technology as an addiction.
  • Transhumanist push for assimilation.
  • Science and Technologies Trillion Dollar Profit Promise.
  • And many other issues…
  • How to see the archetypal human being as something more real and living than the dead transhumanist promise for humanity.
  • How to know that consciousness is living and expansive.
  • How to expose the inherent flaws in Science & Technology.
  • Distinguishing between technologies that are most beneficial in freeing humanity to those that are built to entrapping and consuming.
  • How to reinforce that each of us has the power to effect change by what we choose and/or support.
  • And many other challenges…
  • Both Nicanor and Gopi will speak about work that's been done in the past and in the present that's made big impacts to date.
  • Progress that's been made through newly formed groups and initiatives.
  • Solutions we can implement as individuals or as a community.
  • And perhaps together many other solutions beyond these…


Saturday June 8th

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Evening Lecture with Nicanor Perlas

With a broad brush Nicanor will paint us a picture of what it is that we face in Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), what kind of world it’ll create for us and how it will affect our lives. The stages of AI before becoming ASI and how it will slowly eat away at the core of our Being. The evening will end with some hope for the future.

Sunday 9th

10:30 am -1:00 pm

Morning Lecture with Nicanor Perlas

Nicanor continues from the previous evenings talk by going more deeply into the development of various technologies and their negative effects on humanity. The core tenets of Transhumanism and the march toward total immersion into ASI. As a counterweight to this Nicanor will describe what is emerging in the so called Global Civil Society, the rise in consciousness of a different view of the Human Being and how this view is being substantiated through individuals in the scientific community. What more can be done and how this can occur.

30 minute Break – Refreshments Provided

Afternoon Lecture with Gopi Vijaya

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Gopi will continue this theme but through the lens of a physicist. How through the understanding of Goethean Science and Spiritual Science along with a new understanding of modern physics, we can come to the correct picture of ASI and where the true path of the Human Being lies.

Forum with Ninacor Perlas and Gopi Vijaya

3:45 pm – 4:30 pm

Both Nicanor and Gopi will answer questions from the audience before closing the workshop on a positive note for the future.


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Nicanor Perlas​

Nicanor Perlas is an adviser, global activist, writer, and speaker on artificial intelligence, globalization, and spiritualized science. He has advised UN agencies, the Office of the Philippine President and Congress, as well as cities and towns undertaking large-scale social threefolding projects. He has headed global and national civil society networks responsible for stopping twelve nuclear power plants, banning thirty-two pesticide formulations, and bringing about mainstream sustainable development, including organic farming in the Philippines. Perlas is a member of the Phillipine Senate Task Force on Artificial Intelligence. For the global impact of his work, he has received the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize), the Outstanding Filipino Award, and UNEP’S Global 500 Award.

Gopi Vijaya

Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya is from Bangalore, India. He has completed his undergraduate physics training from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India), and his PhD in Physics (Solar Energy) from the University of Houston in 2014. He is currently engaged in the Postdoctoral Research of the Reciprocal System of Physics – a way to inculcate Goethean thought into modern physics – in Salt Lake City, USA.

His work spans several subjects and is mainly focused on their connection to spiritual science. Some samples of his work include:

  • Projective Geometry and its significance in Architecture (2-day workshop)
  • Technology and the Laws of Thought (on computers – published in the Waldorf Research Bulletin)
  • What is India? (On the Threefold nature of the Indian subcontinent, published online)
  • Living nature of Liberty (study of ideas behind Libertarianism)
  • Several papers in Physics with regard to Goethean Science, foundations of astronomy, calculus, and the Reciprocal System of physics theory. (available online)

In the natural scientific domain, he has been the author of 13 journal publications in experimental and theoretical semiconductor physics, presented his work in multiple international conferences (IEEEPVSC, SPIE etc.), and served as a research mentor for a number of graduate and undergraduate students.